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Neurodiversity and Innovation: The Benefits of Hiring Employees Who Break the Mold

Note: This article was originally posted on Reprinted with permission.
Today, a diverse workplace is not only common, it’s a requirement. While racial and gender diversity are givens, there’s also an important new frontier: neurodiversity. A neurodiverse workplace provides new talent opportunities for those previously deemed unemployable, and more importantly, it provides workplaces with new perspectives and ways of thinking that spur more creative solutions and innovations.
Neurodiversity Gaining Ground in the Business World
Forbes Magazine has postulated that a diverse workplace is beneficial to an organization, and a requisite for growth and innovation Three years ago when  this study was conducted neurodiversity wasn’t taken into account. Forbes recently updated their study to find the answer to the question: do these same employers find benefits and opportunities in neurodiversity?
The short answer: yes.
Simply put, neurodiversity—which usually refers to the incorporation of people with autism into …

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