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  • 2020 Hack-a-Thon

    This event is where experts, individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and those who want to help come together in an open collaboration event where everyone participates in sharing ideas to hack solutions for those on the autism spectrum.

  • 2020 Hack-A-Thon Challenge

    It’s a design challenge to help bring social awareness regarding difficulties individuals with Autism may face, while tapping into the creativity and innovation of the community.

Exceptionally Normal

It is normal that no two people are exactly alike. Not even twins. So the word normal should not be confused with the word average. If you leave your fingerprints on something, you might as well leave your name and address since no two people have the same prints. 
Exceptionally Normal from 5 Minutes To New Ideas Podcast

You hear music and see a sunrise differently from any other person. You might enjoy a movie that your spouse would do anything to avoid. You might like being in a crowd of friends while your spouse prefers an evening being just the two of you. 
When you say, “I want my child to be normal,” you don’t mean average, and you shouldn’t. What you mean is that you want your child to grow up with their own abilities, talents, likes, and dislikes. So to be normal is not to be …

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